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Data protection, terms & conditions

Everyone using the West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists (WYAM) services, including this website, must abide by the terms and conditions, data protection and privacy policies shown on this page. WYAM is a charitable organisation (Registered Number: 1071477) dedicated to providing a socially responsible and reliable service that promotes motorcycle awareness, safer motorcycle riding and public education. WYAM also provides ongoing support and guidance to advanced motorcyclists through its social activity events. WYAM is affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists(IAM RoadSmart Group No. 4186) and an authorised provider of the IAM RoadSmart advanced motorcycle riding courses. WYAM also collaborates with statutory, non-statutory and voluntary organisations, charities and groups, to help promote WYAM’s charitable objectives. This page specifies WYAM’s policies on:

  1. Privacy and Data protection policy
  2. IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Course policy

Privacy and Data protection policy

WYAM complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Provision Regulations 2016. We have consistently high levels of practice when processing your personal data. WYAM needs to collect data to ensure that it can communicate with its users, affiliates and groups with whom it collaborates. This is to ensure that WYAM continues to maintain and improve upon its charitable objectives. All data is subject to the following:

  1. All data provided by members and associates is held securely in strict privacy. We store all the information you give us, including that given by website forms and information collected from your browsing activity on our website. Our server, in common with all other internet servers, logs information regarding your use of the website. This information is only used to maintain the website and the charity’s management activities. Your contact information and method of contact is retained to respond to your requests and provide you with information about the clubs activities and events. This data is never given to third party companies.
  2. Certain data provided by you may be shared with you and the IAM and groups with whom WYAM collaborates. The purpose of sharing data is to solely to ensure that you remain informed of WYAM’s activities and to coordinate our social and legal responsibilities when supporting motorcycle awareness, motorcycle safety and in the provision of advanced motorcycle training.
  3. All forms on our website have a statement concerning data privacy and a consent tick box that must be ticked before the data is submitted. By getting consent before your data is submitted helps to ensure our compliance with data protection regulations.
  4. Images sent to or obtained by WYAM may be used to publicly promote its charitable objectives, or the socially responsible objectives of any community group/organisation with whom we are associated. If you do not wish your image(s) to be used by WYAM, or wish images to be removed from our publicity, computer system and/or online accounts, send your removal request to .
  5. ALL personal data, both physical and electronic is only held for as long as it is needed to serve the purposes specified. Your data, both current and historical, is securely destroyed when it is no longer needed, or you request its removal.
  6. Access to personal data for the purposes of disclosure, transfer, correction and removal should be made in writing to  WYAM’s Data Protection Officer (
  7. If you wish to decline being contacted by WYAM, you need to complete the GDPR Contract Statement Form and forward to
  8. Cookies are small pieces of information sent by our web server to your device. Cookies help the website software to provide smoother use of the website. They help security by verifying user authenticity and website traffic monitoring. Non-registered users are sent anonymous cookies that track their browsing patterns. You can turn off cookies in your browser (consult the browser help file on how to do this procedure).
  9. Data may be given to any statutory authority that has the legal right to request it AND we have a legal duty to provide such data to them.

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Course

WYAM encourages and supports all motorcyclists to complete the IAM  RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course. A motorcyclist is eligible to undertake this course if :

  1. You hold a valid full, current motorcycle driving licence permitting you to ride a motorcycle in the UK and EU.
  2. You have a roadworthy motorcycle 125cc or more that is capable of sustaining all legal national speed limits. The motorcycle has to be fully insured, taxed and with a current valid MOT certificate (if needed).
  3. You have no physical or mental impairment that would prohibit you to legally ride a motorcycle in the UK and EU.
  4. You wear an EU approved helmet, suitable protective gloves, clothing and footwear that give impact protection at all times. WYAM observers can refuse to authorise a rider if you do not have suitable protective clothing and footwear.
  5. You accept that you will be in sole control of your motorcycle at all times.
  6. You can have a FREE, NO OBLIGATION ride, followed by an observer who will provide feedback, support and advice on how you can progress toward taking your Advanced Motorcycle Test.
  7. You have paid for the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course, current price £149. This fee includes your first year’s membership of the club. If your support, guidance and training takes more than 12 months (very unlikely), you will need to pay an annual club membership fee of £5 and an IAM RoadSmart membership fee. You will not be able to take the advanced test unless your subscriptions are fully paid.
  8. You understand that WYAM’s voluntary observers will offer ongoing support and guidance for as long as you need it. Data is collected on your riding performance. This data is used for education/training quality control purposes that ensure you receive the highest possible support for your motorcycle riding and efforts to make progress to becoming and advanced motorcycle rider. This data is shared with IAM RoadSmart.
  9. In pursuance of WYAM’s public information and educational objectives we will publish text, images and videos to help the public to become aware of activities and their purposes. Any member has the right to request that any information identifying them be withheld from publication. Please advise the Data Manager via the contact page.
  10. You understand that all WYAM’s observers, both national and local, are volunteers and that they may request a small contribution to their motorcycle running costs.
  11. You understand that all IAM RoadSmart Course refunds are managed by IAM RoadSmart. Please see their website for details go to IAM RoadSmart Membership Services. WYAM Club fees are only refundable at our discretion. Application should be made by email to the Membership Secretary at, stating the reasons for requesting such a refund.
  12. You understand that WYAM officers and observers will not be under any liability for any injury, damage or loss whatever and however it was caused.

These terms, conditions and policies will be periodically updated. It is important that any user of this website is familiar with them as they will be used, where appropriate, in any discussion of the West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists activities and the provision of services through this website.