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This page is a central location where all West Yorkshire District Advanced Motorcyclists policies can be accessed. The page provides immediate access to all changes made to a policy within the year. Click a link to read the full policy document. The Data Protection and Privacy Policy page is available here. All changes are incorporated into the policy documents at the end of the financial year. If you have any questions please contact a member of the SAM Committee for further clarification. Thank you.

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These are important documents that give guidance to both elected officers and ordinary members on their roles and responsibilities in managing and supporting the Sheffield and District Advanced Motorcyclists charity. The documents are available on the Charity Commission and IAM websites, but we wanted these to be more immediately available to elected officers and members. All documents are in pdf format.

This is the latest IAM RoadSmart handbook incorporating guidelines for affiliated groups, including Sheffield and District Advanced Motorcyclists, that all members should refer to when discussing matters affecting the club. The revision history can be read in conjunction with the IAM RoadSmart Affiliate Group Handbook. In addition, each elected officer should ensure they read and understand the guidance from the Charity Commission on their responsibilities as a Trustee of a registered charity.

IAM RoadSmart have issued group guidance for meeting the requirements of GDPR legislation.  This is contained within the Affiliate Handbook:  IAM RoadSmart GDPR; the Group Form which should be completed is the IAM RoadSmart Group Member  GDPR statement (Download and fill in using Adobe Reader).

This document was prepared as a result of questions asked at the 2012 IAM Motorcycle Conference and is designed to clear up what appear to be common confusions.

This document was prepared as a result of questions asked at the 2012 IAM Motorcycle Conference and is designed to clear up what appear to be common confusions.

This booklet was produced by the Norsk Motorcykkel Union in an effort to do something about the large spike in motorcycle accidents that occurred there every spring as riders poured onto the roads again after their winter. The booklet focuses an effective and precise riding technique, helps you understand the essential physics of the motorcycle and offers you a series of very concrete exercises that you can work on every time you are out riding.

Group riding is great fun and a riding experience shared is valued by the majority of bikers. IAM RoadSmart provides a group organised ride policy for all IAM members to ensure that everyone riding on Local IAM Group events remain safe and have an enjoyable ride. All members taking part in a Local Group organised ride should ensure that they use their advanced riding skills throughout the ride.



  • Guests
    • Where guest attendance is approved, WYAM members may bring guests to any WYAM Club events.
    • Guests are not permitted to take part in any event undertaken on behalf of IAM RoadSmart.
  • Club Events
    • All WYAM members are welcome to take part in organised events.
    • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s) at any WYAM Club event.


Data protection, Cookie Consent and Website Use policies can be found here.